Director Kevin Otterness On Set of His Latest Music Video ‘SUPERSTAR’ (BY MYSELF)

Director Kevin Otterness On Set of His Latest Music Video ‘SUPERSTAR’ (BY MYSELF)

That’s a wrap on CELLESTE’S ‘SUPERSTAR’ (BY MYSELF) Music Video!


Production Photograph by: Kim St. Aubin

I personally want to thank my entire cast and crew and all the gear companies that made this video a reality.

Anthony Urso, Eric Akeson, Robin Andrews, Erin Marie Walsh, Malorie Masek, Jessica Denny, Kelly Baskin, Erin Kay Van Pay, Manny Hamgeri, Billy Chengary, Adam Orton, Will Kisner, Erik Anschicks, Jeremy Widen, Ellen Ranny, Jorie Annette, Kim St. Aubin, Eric Benson, Guy Strauss, Glenna Goldman, Cassandra Milbrandt, Leah Shortell Chapman, Eric Dick and our rock star Celleste.

Carl Zeiss Lenses, Zacuto, SmallHD, Kessler Crane®, Magnanimous Media, Redrock Micro, RODE Microphones, Canon Cameras, Manfrotto Imagine More

Thanks to @DavidMitria @CarmenRossi for the perfect location of the Hubbard Inn in Chicago.

Thank you – Kevin Otterness

Behind-The-Scenes Documentary Poster for ‘Call Me Crazy’

Master_BTS_Teaser_Movie_PosterFilmmaker Kevin Otterness today released the production teaser poster for his behind-the-scenes documentary of the independent film, “Call Me Crazy.” The documentary, titled, “The Making of Call Me Crazy,” follows film director Adam Orton, his cast and crew on a four-day independent film shoot in Chicago. Through in-the-moment scene takes, behind-the-scenes footage and director commentary, the documentary reveals the method to the madness that filmmaking often can be by giving viewers an on-the-set look at how the film was made.

Zacuto Releases Article on With One Eye Open – An Indiegogo Campaign

Read full article here

Aspiring Singer/Songwriter Lauren Santee and Director Kevin Otterness Join Forces!


The aspiring singer/songwriter, Lauren Santee, and the acclaimed director, producer, and cinematographer, Kevin Otterness, of POSTHOUSE PICTURES, are joining forces in the making of a new music video from Lauren’s debut album entitled, “Truth Speaks.” This will be Lauren’s third music video. Kevin is an accomplished producer, director, and DP in independent film, music videos, and documentaries. To connect and view Kevin’s latest works go to or

Lauren is a classically trained vocalist who has entered the pop music scene by taking a year off from college to write the songs for her debut album, “Truth Speaks,” All but one of the songs on the album were written by Lauren. She writes that “Making ‘Truth Speaks’ has been an amazing personal journey for me – I have grown so much as an artist and as a person. Each song comes from my own life experiences, some painful and some triumphant. Darker moments inspired songs about loss, betrayal, and regret, while messages of love, hope, and self-respect are expressed through others.” She believes that when “we speak our truth we are connecting from the depth of our heart and soul.” By writing about her personal journey, Lauren embodies her motto which is to: “Live your Music — No Matter Its Volume.” To connect with Lauren go to or Her CD “Truth Speaks” is available on itunes.

Kevin Otterness is Featured on the Latest Podcast of Crossing the 180:

Crossing the 180: The Filmmakers Podcast That Breaks the Rules

By Ron Dawson

We like to think of “Crossing the 180″ as the “Fresh Air” of filmmaking (referring to the popular NPR show starring Terry Gross). Unlike other podcasts about filmmaking, we don’t get too caught up on all the gear and tech talk (although we DO cover that too). But most importantly, we get into long and deep conversations about WHO the filmmakers are. We interview filmakers who run the whole gamut. From big names in Hollywood, to YouTuber and Vimeo superstars blowing up social media, to DSLR and wedding filmmaking trailblazers. As long as they do great work, have an interesting story, and can actually carry on a great conversation, they’re fair game.

Episode #76 features Director Kevin Otterness. Listen to podcast:

Podcast Website:

“With One Eye Open” to be Financed Via the Kickstarter Crowdfunding Platform!

I have decided to use Kickstarter as the main fundraising platform for With One Eye Open. This film will be made possible by you and you only! Every dollar that is donated to this project will go towards the making of this film! As the director, I will not be paying myself to direct this film! When we raise the budgeted amount needed…I then will move forward with pre-production. I will be looking to hire the best of the best in cast and crew to tell this amazing story!

- Kevin Otterness

Film Fundraising Campaign to begin!

In coming weeks I will be launching a film campaign fundraiser for a short film titled “With One Eye Open. The film With One Eye Open, tells the fictional story of a young boy caught in the vicious circle of urban violence. Through his eyes, we see and feel the desperation that drives him to emulate behaviors learned on the streets that inevitably will control the course of his life. Most inner-city youths, like children everywhere, are not born as violent criminals. But many are infected by the plague of urban violence at an early age. Violent behaviors are learned, and are largely formed by watching and sometimes unconsciously copying the aggressive behaviors of those around them. These brutal actions are supported and even encouraged by social pressures, and it eventually becomes natural to reach for a gun.

This devastating cycle needs to be confronted and interrupted. There are many amazing groups working to do this right now, and I want to help. Using the powerful medium of film, groups and organizations will be able to use this movie as a tool to grab people’s attention and open their eyes to struggles facing our youth today.

More details coming soon!


Please join us on our Official “With One Eye Open” Facebook Page!


Made the Cut in TF3!

Image from TRANSFORMERS 3 “Dark of the Moon”

After a couple hours in wardrobe and a few hours of shooting this scene for TRANSFORMERS 3 “Dark of the Moon”. I made the final cut into the film! If you look to the right of the image, you will see me in my FBI jacket. This scene was cut way back. I had a few close-up shots during filming. As we all know…we always can’t get what we want! The best part about having this very small role in TF3, was just being on set with director Michael Bay and of course Shia LaBeouf! Thank you!


Music Video “Life Without Love” Coming to INd Television!

LATEST NEWS! Director Kevin Otterness’s debut music video “Life Without Love” makes its way to INd Television!  Just shy of the 1 year since production began. Dave Sills “Life Without Love” has made its way around the net! The video was produced by Brian Tedeschi of POSTHOUSE PICTURES. Starring: Joey Bicicchi and Dana Froula. Details on channel and air dates coming soon!


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